Bravinski approached Viv, his large steps shaking some of the surrounding charged ground and making it flake. It only took a few of his steps to reach the kid, and when he did, he stood above him waiting for a reaction. Viv didn’t move. He hadn’t even actually noticed another presence. His thought process was broken, well, ended, a few moments later. He looked up at Brav, another one of his smirks in place, though this one was different than the last. This one wasn’t mischievous, it was the smirk of someone who had figured things out.

Brav looked at him, one eyebrow raised in question.

“Decided on how to fix your mistake yet?” Viv shrugged.

“Sure. We’ve gotta go and find the leader of all of Germany.” Brav went to ask another question but Viv cut him off.

“Yeah, there is one, He or She is just…very inconspicuous. Not many people, outside of the larger divisions, know about ‘em.”

Brav didn’t exactly want to trust him, especially after what he had done. He sighed. Children.

“Let us find a place to stop for a while and regroup.”

Viv stood and turned to face him, but stared directly behind him instead.

“That…might be a at difficult..” His voice sounded a little un sure.

“Why?” Bravinski turned around to find the area behind them completely bare…no Lulu, no supplies, nothing but burned land.


I hadn’t gotten far, seeing as how my burns had made it so difficult to move in the first place. I fell before I knew it. My body wasn’t used to such excursion.

Was it? I can’t remember a thing, though.

I laid there, panting. “Lulu what are you doing? Get up! You have so much work to do!”

“No..I can’t do it right now..” I answered them, my body going in and out of consciousness. “And you will let me sleep. Just a nap. Just one nap..”

I ignored their pleas. They were so urgent to wake me that it was hard to fall asleep at first, but after a few fighting moments, I was lost in a sea of nothingness.

That is until the voice materialized itself.

“Lulu you need to wake up right now, or I will make sure you never wake again.”

I laughed, suddenly mustering enough strength to sit up. My burns were no longer there. I smiled broadly, I was extremely thankful. “You…You did this to me?”

“Sure did. I took away your burns so I could show you what would happen if you would just get your ass up and run. Run until you can’t run anymore.”

This confused me. “But I am so full of energy. Why would I be sitting anyway?”

“Beats the hell outta me.” It continued to urge me. I couldn’t see who they were. But they sounded like me. I couldn’t even look directly at them. They were blackness, like smoke.

I got up and I ran in the direction that I was running before I collapsed. It soon became my shadow. “Run more.”

They were really starting to piss me off. “I’ll do what I want!”

My shadow disappeared. It its place were fire trails, I ran faster, but they were faster than I was and I was soon engulfed in flames. I stopped and saw that I was in the forest again. “NO! Get me away!”

“I told you to run! You wouldn’t listen!”

That confused me. “But…I was running.”

“Not fast enough!”

I snapped awake then. “Fuck you!”


Fucking hell. I got up and threw the knapsack around my shoulder. I looked behind me and the fire was still raging, though not nearly as bad. “I’m not going to run. I’ll walk. Just tell me where to go.”


I really hope I got everyone out of there alive…I can’t think about this right now. Now I have to think about how I will get this crowd to safety. I need to think of how I will keep them alive. We weren’t that far from two, so maybe I can go there. At least until we can inhabit our own again.

My heart wretched as I heard little children crying. “We will be alright.” I told them soothingly. “We have to stay strong, young ones. We will be alright.”

I led them in the direction of two (Uh, I lied to you. It’s division ten thats closest. Two and three are accross the country.). It was far away, yes. But we’ll manage.

“Just walk and do not stop for whatever reason, and we will get there soon.”

Bravninski looked like he wanted to get angry, wanted to be the one to rage for one, but he didn’t. He held is calm, too a breath, and looked back at Viv.

“It seems that we have been ditched, for the moment. There isn’t much we can do about her, but it we wait it out, she may regain her senses.” It sounded reasonable enough. Lulu had gone insane enough times and had always come back to herself at one point or another.

“But what do we do now?” There was the obvious answer of carry on, but they had no way to do that at the particular moment.

“Exactly what I said we would. We’ll go back to division ten for the night, it’s only a couple of hours away, we can figure things out there.” Viv nodded. Neither of them were aware of the fact that they would be running into the misplaced division one on the way there.

Over time I had gotten tired of hearing it talk. So I’d eventually blocked it out and went wherever I wanted to go. I looked behind me, but kept walking, I didn’t see the forest anywhere, and there wasn’t really anything in front of me either. And I don’t even remember the trek to Division One, all I remember is the fire and my hatred for Viv. I stopped. I didn’t know where the hell I was going in the first place! “Hey! Where were you taking me?!”

There was no response. “Hey!” I shrieked. It left me!

I looked towards the sky when I heard thunder. I smiled. I’d always loved the rain. It always calmed me down. Even if I wanted to find shelter it was too late, because in no time flat it started to rain on me and all the food supplies. Thankfully winter had passed and it was getting warmer, but the rain still felt like ice falling down on me. I decided to head back towards the forest. I feel a bit more clearheaded now now that brat’s gone.


No not rain… Please not rain. Our trek had already been difficult, but this just adds to it. At least we’ve cleared the forest, that wasn’t good news for the rain, but it was good news because that meant we were almost there.

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