It was the distant smell of smoke that changed everything for the rest of our lives. At first it was barely noticeable, but over time it grew stronger. It was the walls that surrounded our division that were set aflame. But we eventually learned that it was indeed not just the walls, but the entire forest was ablaze…

We’re being attacked!

“Demetri, the walls are aflame!” Yelled dozens of villagers. There was nothing we could do..

“We will be fine!” I yelled. In which direction was the attack coming from, but we have an escape route which leads towards the higher parts of the mountain, but there has to be a route that leads down from the peaks, back to where we can be safer. “Towards the back!” I boomed over the panicking crowd. My command sent them into a further state of panic, but they listened. They knew what I meant. There was another gate towards the back, it’s only had to be used once before. But that was just a drill. Soon enough all the residents of Division one were exiting. I waited until I was sure they were all gone, and then I made the mistake of looking back.

My Division was burning…


I snapped then. “HOW DARE YOU!” I screeched and lunged towards him, teeth and nails bared. I wasn’t that far from him, so I was soon on him using my nails to my advantage against his charred skin, tearing at it and pulling, soon enough hearing his screams in agony which only drilled me to go further. Brav was on me in no time, before I could do anymore fatal damage on him. I thrashed in Brav’s grip, opening my wounds. Viv was still screaming in pain which was ecstasy to me. I was screaming incomprehensible things, I wasn’t aware of what I was saying anymore, but I know for damn sure I was leaving bruises on Bravinski, I wasn’t too far from killing him as well. “LET ME GO!” I screeched and screamed. He wouldn’t budge. He threw me down on the ground and held my hands behind my back with one hand and slapped me repeatedly in my face until it felt like my face was burning off. He didn’t stop until I had finished screaming. Then suddenly the agony stopped. I looked over at Viv, who was bleeding on the ground, twitching and crying in pain. “You’re lucky I didn’t kill you! YOU DESERVE TO DIE!!!” I yelled at him, earning yet another slap across the face and thrown against the floor.

Without a word, and no sound other then heavy breathing, Viv stood, albeit somewhat wobbly. He hadn’t fought her off this time, knowing he deserved it. Granted, he didn’t want to die, but he did feel like the beating was somethin he had coming to him. He looked at them both for a mere few seconds before simply walking off, in the opposite direction. The fire had calmed down, from where it had started anyway, and was clear enough to walk back down the trail. There was no way he was staying that close to them after that; he would ptobably do something equally as stupid.

He sat down near one of the not-quite-as-burnt trees and leaned against it. Viv was lost, and not in the sense that he usually was. This time, he had no idea what to do or where to go. For once, he felt like his age: a lost teenager without someone to guide them in the right direction. Hell, none of them were really all that old. It was a wonder they had made it that far in the fist place. He allowed himself to wallow in self doubt and pity for a mometn more before setting himself to the task of finding a solution to the problem. With his hands folded, he closed his eyes and let his mind do all the work.

They had already lost the “help” vote for divsion one, regardless of if they knew he started the fire or not, so that was out. They had also lost the vote of any that would only join if division one would join, so that left them four divisions, at the least, maybe five, six at most. That left them with eight divisions that had agreed, at the least, which meant they still had the majority of the country on their side. Granted, it wasn’t enough, but maybe…He wondered if thye could get the leader of their country to help. If he/she (nobody really knew the leader, just that they had one that made all the desicious about large things between divisions when they got too out of hand.) gave consent, it didn’t really matter what the rest of the divisions wanted, it would happen.

Viv heaved a sigh, though he was still lost in thought. Now it was only a matter of finding her.

I watched as Viv walked from the scene and resisted the urge to chase him down.

"You need to calm down. This is only making everything so much more difficult for everyone."

I was quiet, half paying attention, but his words somehow went through my ears.

"Lulu you have to listen to me. This does not need just us. We need the both of you, since Viv is literate whereas you are not."

I didn’t know what that meant, but I still didn’t say anything to him. I was dazed. The fire in front of me mesmerizing. His words ricocheted against each other inside my skull. I didn’t understand what he meant. I didn’t understand anything he was saying at all.

I just wanted to kill Viv. That’s all I knew.

Bravinski still refused to let go of me. He started shaking me violently for some reason, but since I didn’t respond in any way he simply angrily threw me to the ground and stomped off into the woods where Viv had went.

I groaned a little before realizing that I didn’t feel him holding me down and looked down at my arms. They were a different color than usual. They seemed burned. Not badly, but they looked like Viv’s. So, peelable. I wanted to pull it, just because I could, but I remember how Viv screamed, so I chose not to. I rubbed my wounds instead.

I faced the fire again, and I started to chuckle as I watched it burn. I wanted more to burn. Maybe… I could leave them… And raise my own army against Viv. I smiled broadly at the thought, as if I’ve never heard such a good suggestion in my entire life.

"You can control your own people like back in 6!" Someone in my head suggested. It was alluring indeed. “You haven’t controlled something for a while. Someone was always ignoring your demands now ever since Viv,” It said his name with malice, "Decided to attack you! This can be your chance!"

"That’s right… It is his fault!" I answered them, I got up and looked around me, rejoicing in the sound of the crackling and falling trees. "Viv probably lost his life walking into this hell." I laughed victoriously, loudly and ran off, in what direction? I didn’t know. But I know one thing. I have their food and drink supply! I laughed as I ran off. I’ve never been this happy in my life!

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