”You can’t insult me either!” I screamed in his face, only inches away from his, giving him a look that only meant death. “Go fucking blow up shit, see if I give a damn!”

I turned on my heels then, and walked in the direction that we were headed. Brav eventually followed after watching Viv for only a second more. He had been smiling in amusement, fucking Viv.

Viv stood rooted to the spot for only a moment, the smirk on his face rather persistant. Really, Lulu needed to learn to stop playing into his amusement. It was far too easy sometimes. Though, he supposed he was rather glad she was so easy to get pissed off. It always seemed to work in his favor. Or, most of the time atleast.

There was really only one thing on his mind then: Challenge Accepted.

Since they were in the mountains, there were plenty of flint-like material and rocks. All Viv had to do was fine a couple small enough. It didn’t take him long to do just that. and then the games could begin.

It was fifteen, maybe twenty minutes later when there were small popping sounds coming from behind Lu and Brav. At first, it was unnoticable. Within a few more moments, there was a small “Ha!” and then a loud boom. Oh yes, something had indeed been set on fire. And as soon as Lulu realized what it was, she would be pissed. more than usual.

I felt my eye twitch when I heard the crackling. And only in time to feel the rush of air as it exploded around me. I turned around and saw that he indeed did light the world around me on fire. At first all I could see was smoke and flames, then eventually I saw Brav, who was panicking. We were surrounded…

And there Viv stood, his smug expression wiped clean off of his face once he realized what he’d done. He may have killed us all! The lunatic!

The trees around us had broken and fallen down from the explosion, sending sparks in all directions, hitting all three of us, I couldn’t tell who had the most severe burns, though. There was pain everywhere. I ran to Viv, I wanted to attack him. I wanted to kill him. “Why would you do this?!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I couldn’t hear his response. I grabbed him and pulled him towards Bravinski, who looked as puzzled as I. He didn’t know what to do more than I did. I had to take initiative and get us into safety. The fire was spreading faster than I was used to. It barely rained in our woods, but I was pretty sure it rained even less here. This wildfire would never be put out. More cracks and trees fell, blocking our path.

He’d trapped us in a ring of fire. “What have you done!!” I repeated. We huddled together as the fire grew. Brav finally stepped in.

He turned to us and told us to stay calm, but before I could say anything he covered my mouth and spoke to us in an urgent tone, bringing us inches towards his face, “This is going to fucking hurt.” Was all he said.

He hoisted us under his arms, me under his left and Viv under his right and ran into the fire.

“BRAV NO!” We both screamed in unison as the fire engulfed us. I couldn’t breathe! I tried to scream but my throat felt scorched. I tried to claw Viv’s eyes out but I think Brav predicted my intentions and violently restrained me. We ran and ran until we were out of the flames, I couldn’t help but sob violently as we exited to wall of flames. He immediately dropped the both of us and then tipped over himself, all three of us burned from head-to-toe.

I looked in the direction of the forest and saw that it was burning insistently, and to make everything worse we were right back at the starting point. We were halfway through the forest…That close to Division One…

I think I lost my sanity then.

In the midst of my sobbing I managed to scream Viv’s name repeatedly.

Viv was stock still, half-sitting-half leaning on the ground. He had messed up before, plenty of times, but this one was by far the worst thing he had ever done. There was no way to fix something this large. At that point, his mind blanked.

Technically, all three of them should have been passed out from pain. It was near-impossible to actually tolerate that many burns all at one. In the backs of their minds, this thought crossed, but Bravinski had probably moved quickly enough to save them from anything life-threatening. Overall, they were just charred, not full on cooked. They were lucky.

Braninski was the fist to really recover from the ordeal. He stood, with minimal pain, and looked at the damage that was being done. He knew that there was no way that division one would even consider their offer; even if they were not aware of who or what had caused the fire, they would not accept anything they were told; they would want to re-build what they had or move to other divisions depending on how bad it got.

Finally, Viv was able to say something mildly coherant. It wasn’t nice, but it did show what he really thought about things.

“With any luck…the fire will devour the entirety of the division…and leave no survivors. “

It was the distant smell of smoke that changed everything for the rest of our lives. At first it was barely noticeable, but over time it grew stronger. It was the walls that surrounded our division that were set aflame. But we eventually learned that it was indeed not just the walls, but the entire forest was ablaze…

We’re being attacked!

"Demetri, the walls are aflame!" Yelled dozens of villagers. There was nothing we could do..

"We will be fine!" I yelled. In which direction was the attack coming from, but we have an escape route which leads towards the higher parts of the mountain, but there has to be a route that leads down from the peaks, back to where we can be safer. "Towards the back!" I boomed over the panicking crowd. My command sent them into a further state of panic, but they listened. They knew what I meant. There was another gate towards the back, it’s only had to be used once before. But that was just a drill. Soon enough all the residents of Division one were exiting. I waited until I was sure they were all gone, and then I made the mistake of looking back.

My Division was burning…


I snapped then. “HOW DARE YOU!” I screeched and lunged towards him, teeth and nails bared. I wasn’t that far from him, so I was soon on him using my nails to my advantage against his charred skin, tearing at it and pulling, soon enough hearing his screams in agony which only drilled me to go further. Brav was on me in no time, before I could do anymore fatal damage on him. I thrashed in Brav’s grip, opening my wounds. Viv was still screaming in pain which was ecstasy to me. I was screaming incomprehensible things, I wasn’t aware of what I was saying anymore, but I know for damn sure I was leaving bruises on Bravinski, I wasn’t too far from killing him as well. “LET ME GO!” I screeched and screamed. He wouldn’t budge. He threw my down on the ground and held my hands behind my back with one hand and slapped me repeatedly in my face until it felt like my face was burning off. He didn’t stop until I had finished screaming. Then suddenly the agony stopped. I looked over at Viv, who was bleeding on the ground, twitching and crying in pain. “You’re lucky I didn’t kill you! YOU DESERVE TO DIE!!!” I yelled at him, earning yet another slap across the face and thrown against the floor.

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